Wella Color Charm Permanent Hair Colour’s packaging utilizes a color-coded tonal family system, making shade selection easy! Liquid Permanent Hair Color time tested formulations ensure consistent, predictable results. Liquifuse Technology saturates, penetrates and fuses with the hair to deliver vibrant colour that is exceptionally fade resistant. A gentle floral fragrance for a more pleasurable colouring experience.


  • Vibrant, long lasting, fade resistant results
  • Excellent grey coverage
  • Gentle floral fragrance
  • Deep conditioning


Wella Color Charm Permanent Hair Colour

Direction of use: To use Wella Color Charm Permanent Hair Colour, the mixing ratio is 1 part hair colour, 2 parts developer. Lighter than natural shade, first time application: Develop for 15 minutes, check, then process up to an additional 15 minutes or until colour is even. Darker than natural shade, first time application: Develop for 30 minutes, check, then process up to an additional 15 minutes if additional coverage is needed.

Tips for achieving optimum coverage on grey hair:

  • Select a shade level 8 or darker for best coverage; Lighter shades will create a translucent effect.
  • Shades from Natural or Gold Family will produce a more natural result with optimum coverage.
  • Mix with 20 Volume Well Color Charm Developer
  • Apply generously starting at the area with highest percentage of grey or most resistant.
  • Process for 30 minute, extend to 45 minutes if needed.
  • For better coverage on hair that is more than 50% grey, use a fashion shade from the Red Family and mix with equal parts of Wella Color Charm Natural or Gold shade at the same level.

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